Ayurvedic LifeStyle Program



Ayurvedic LifeStye Program

Have you been looking for information that will help you have a healthier life but do not know how or where to start? Do you think that integrating healthy habits takes a lot of time and is sometimes incompatible with your current lifestyle?

Ayurvedic Life Coach is for you!

Coaching is a discipline that helps us to achieve our challenges. Its purpose is to awaken people’s own abilities to direct their intentions, broadening their perspective and taking them to action in the experience of accomplishing their goals.

On the other hand, the traditional medicine of India known as Ayurveda, includes the recognition of 3 Doshas or “physical biotypes” that according to their characteristics employ different self-care mechanisms based on a healthy diet, meditation, therapeutic exercises, yoga and self-massage, among others.

Through coaching (counselling, training) all these tools can be learned for daily use, resulting in a healthier life according to the unique and personal characteristics of each individual.

Ayurvedic LifeStyle is a personalized program that seeks to allow the person to understand their nature, to know their Dosha, and from there, to incorporate these new habits in a simple and coherent way.

The sessions can be via Skype and / or face-to-face, with a duration of approximately 60 minutes and in three different levels (basic, intermediate and advanced).

You will learn to eat better, optimize your immune system, discard toxins, reactivate your vital energy and feel healthier.

If you want to know more details about the sessions, programs and activities just write me: infofmlifecoach@gmail.com

If you take the three sessions of the basic level you have a discount of 10% on the total price.
Ask for additional discount for groups of 3 o more people.

It is always time to create a better life and on your own terms!

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It is always time to create a better life and on your own terms!