Life Coaching

Have you been looking for information that will help you have a healthier life but do not know how or where to start? Do you think that integrating healthy habits takes a lot of time and is sometimes incompatible with your current lifestyle?

Ayurvedic Life Coach is for you!

Coaching is a discipline that helps us to achieve our challenges. Its purpose is to awaken people’s own abilities to direct their intentions, broadening their perspective and taking them to action in the experience of accomplishing their goals.

FM Life Coach coaching focuses on the use of mental focus strategies for developing a healthy lifestyle from a mind-body perspective. FM Life Coaching includes the consultant’s personal tastes and his current lifestyle, but also invites him to integrate new habits and routines based on the knowledge of Ayurvedic Medicine and Complementary Therapies from professional and personalized advice, resulting in an experience of real satisfaction, effective and easy to incorporate. A new concept of coherent, holistic and integral well-being. The coaching sessions can be done face-to-face and are also effective in their online format (telephone contact, mail, via Skype), the important thing is to maintain a link between the coach and the person who wants to learn, create and achieve their goals.

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It is always time to create a better life and on your own terms!

FM Life Coach,

“Inspiration beyond limits”

It is always time to create a better life and on your own terms!