Flower Therapy

"The main reason for the failure of modern medical science is that it is dealing with results and not causes."
-Edward Bach

Do you feel that stress, anxiety, loneliness or hopelessness sometimes occupy a large part of your life? Have you tried to eliminate certain physical or emotional discomforts with conventional methods and you have not seen results, something that really relieves you?

I introduce you to the well-known Bach Flowers, an excellent therapy nowadays.

Dr. Bach was a doctor, homeopath and researcher with great contributions to science, being one of the most relevant his study with diverse native wildflowers that resulted in the system of Floral Therapy.

Its benefits range from reduced stress, increased concentration, relief from physical pain and mental fatigue. There are 38 essences and each one serves a different purpose! (Both physical and mental)

As a therapist of this system, I have been able to verify this effectiveness, working mainly with cases of stress, depression (in a way that complements conventional treatments), problems of concentration in children, degenerative diseases, vocational crisis, family or couple, any Emotion that manifests itself in the state of mind and in the body as a disease.

In addition being a natural non-invasive system has no side effects and can be used in children, youth, adults and pets as well.

A holistic and integral way to create Wellness!

FM Life Coach

A holistic and integral way to create Wellness!