Fran Milagros

“Sport & Remedial Massage Therapist (Holmesglen Institute, Australia). Ayurvedic Therapist (Certificed by Indus Valley Ayurvedico Centre, India). Specialist in Flower Bach Therapy System. Wellness & Lifestyle Coach  (Chile and Australia) “.

My Career

I was born in Santiago de Chile 34 years ago with “Atresia of the Biliary Pathways”, a liver disease that, at that time was little known and a death sentence. After a couple of years living in both the hospital and home, a couple of surgeries, many studies the treatment gave surprisingly good results. The doctors (who said there was little hope of surviving) started calling me “Milagro” (miracle). To be born “hopeless” was a diagnosis that killed the hope of many people but awakened the faith of others too, giving to me a destiny that inspired me the rest of my life.

That’s why I decided to create my own “healthy lifestyle” rejecting the concept of “survival” and respecting what I was really given in the experience to be alive. And this is what I want to share now, the summary of this path of inspiration that allows me to dedicate my life to what I love, because I am the living proof that nothing is definite because health is a state of consciousness into the experience, not the ideals, archetypes, diagnoses and beliefs that limit it.

My Passions

I also participated in the study of popular singing (using my personal therapy and passion for music as a tool for personal development), with different professors, famous artists among them: Cristina Gálvez, Chilean singer and songwriter winner of the Altazor 2015 prize, and Pedro Foncea , singer, percussionist and Chilean producer, who inspires me to include art in the integral work of Health.

She lived in Melbourne Australia, the most livable city in the world for 6 consecutive years, after obtaining a scholarship from the Becas Chile Program where she realizes her Diploma in Remedial Massage, experience that has allowed her to merge her knowledge in Natural medicine with science based, creating a new method of Life and Wellness Coaching based with complementary treatments. To see body-mind as a whole is fundamental for the success of the therapeutic approach, an holistic and integral way to live.

“I invite you to come with me and I will show you my experiences and knowledge on health and well-being to inspire yourself and discover, create and share your own healthy lifeStye.”


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